WordPress to NibbleBlog converter

2 minutes Read

NibbleBlog is a simple system for creating blogs very easy.

It requires no database, as all data are stored in files. I like it so i decided to write a converter for folks who have a wordpress blog and want to convert it to NibbleBlog. So let's see how you can transfer all your posts, tags, categories and comments from Wordpress to NibbleBlog.Please note that this converter is simple and quick. It generates the needed xml files for your NibbleBlog to work.

The comments are transferred to an xml file ready for importing into Disqus system. In next updates it will support and other options.


You can download the importer from Github.

How to

You must export your wordpress blog into an xml file and put it to your site's root. Then download the importer and put into root, too. Now run the importer and put the needed settings in the fields. Note that if you don't want to put your discus ID, no problem as the comments will be ignored. When finish, press the “Convert” button.

That's it. Now run the import.php and when finish, check the admin panel for changes. Comments? Problems? Write them below or at Nibbleblog's forum.