Windows XP "Hidden application" Enabler

~1 minute Read

The job of this application is a very simple and effective one. To enable the hidden applications and utilities inside Windows XP and make them available on the Start menu for easy accessibility.

Download the attached file. Is the enabler that you must install to your computer to enable the hidden applications and utilities and make them available on the Start menu.

List of applications revealed: Configuration Utility Object Packager Task Manager Windows Migration Manager Synchronization Manager Remote Desktop Connection Text to Speach Narrator Windows Address Book Address Book Migrator Windows Version Character Map Disk Cleanup Utility Clipboard Viewer Dr Watson diagnosis Direct X diagnosis Private Character Editor Express Install Wizard Data Source Admin System Monitor Registry Editor Network Sharing Wizard Signature Verification Tool System Configuration Editor Telnet Client Windows Network Chat Windows Management Infrastructure Windows Services Windows Local Security Settings Resultant Set of Policy Performance Monitoring Removable Storage Operator Requests Removable Storage Management Local User and Group Manager Group Policy Object Editor Shared Folder Manager Event Viewer Disk Management Disk Defragmenter Device Manager Computer Management Indexing Services Certificates Component Services