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How to Install Windows 10 on a Raspberry PI 3

10 minutes read

Until now, Raspberry PI users could only run a special developer's version of Windows 10 (IoT). But with the effort of many programmers and users, you can now run a full desktop version of Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi 3.

A new PSN Gamesharing Method for PS4 (v4.07) ?

~1 minute read

If you are looking for a method to play homebrew stuff on PS4, you may have already known the Brazilian PS4 GameSharing method. Today developer xmaxkatsu shared a glimpse at a hardware method he's using and seems to have found a way to bypass and have unlimited gamesharing for primary accounts on a PS4 v4.07. It should work on lower firmwares too.

Ήχος υψηλής ανάλυσης (Hi-Res Music)

10 minutes read

Από πολύ παλιά (και φυσικά και με τις αναφορές του περιοδικού Hitech), μας είχε κολλήσει στην παρέα το μικρόβιο του Home Cinema και του ποιοτικού ήχου γενικότερα. Οι προσπάθειες μας για όσο το δυνατόν τέλειο ήχο, είχαν να κάνουν με δοκιμές σε διαφόρους ενισχυτές, διάφορες "πατέντες" και τρικ για να βελτιώσουμε τον ήχο, αγορά καλώς ηχείων (αλλά και "φτιαχτά" με ότι σχέδια βρίσκαμε τότε, μιας και δεν ήταν τόσο διαδεδομένο το internet, μιλάμε για 90s), καλών καλωδίων αλλά και βυσμάτων και γενικά ότι άλλο μας κατέβαινε στο κεφάλι, την εποχή όπου οι πληροφορίες μοιράζοντας από γνώστες ή περιοδικά του χώρου.

Hi-Res Music

17 minutes read

Since olden days (and of course with the help of various Hi-tech magazines), the home cinema (and sound quality in general) 'trend' got my and some friends of mine. Our attempts to get the best sound possible, have to do with tests on various amplifiers, various "patents" and tricks to improve the sound, buying good speakers (but also build them with the best materials), god quality cables and connectors and generally we tested any idea, at a time when the information was shared by people who knew their stuff or the magazines.

Turn Raspberry Pi in an always on download machine

8 minutes read

A problem that many PC users are facing, especially those who have a power PC, is that when they want to download a huge file from the internet, they have to leave their PC open, something can may affect their electricity bill. Here is a tutorial on how to make a cheap Raspberry Pi an always on download machine.

How to make a Raspberry Pi NAS

2 minutes read

A solution for someone who has a lot of machines in his place and wants to share files between, is to add a Network Attached Storage (NAS).