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How to Speed up WordPress

~1 minute read

WordPress is a good platform, but it needs a lot of plugins to make it work as you like. This can make WordPress quite slow and you could end up with a sluggish site. Fast loading pages improve user experience, increase your pageviews, and help with your WordPress SEO. In this article, I will share some useful WordPress speed optimization tips and the plugins I used, to boost WordPress performance and speed up your website.

Why WordPress Sucks

3 minutes read

I started this blog using a custom made CMS, but after a few years, I moved to WordPress. I wanted to use WordPress and not any other software at the time, because WP has a lot of free plugins and themes.

WordPress to Bludit converter

5 minutes read

I am working on a plugin to convert the wordpress database xml file to bludit's data structure and as you can see, it works fine (at least on my tests).

Convert SMF 2.1 to phpBB 3.1

~1 minute read

If you tried the newest version of SMF (2.1 beta) and you want to move to phpBB 3.1, you have to do some tricks in order to convert successfully your board.

Make your own CMS with PHP and SEO links

6 minutes read

There are a lot of people, who want to write their own site, avoiding use a CMS like WP or Joomla, either because they don't want to update it once in a while, or because they want to learn a programming language.