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Buying PC For The Cores

7 minutes read

In recent years and as technology progresses, the variety of computer hardware is growing more each year. Many are these where their computer selection criteria is based on excesses and they buy materials that they do not need.

Now you can play the "P.T" on your PC with this remake

~1 minute read

"P.T" was a "Playable Teaser" released on the PS4 and it was designed by Hideo Kojima in collaboration with film director Guillermo Del Toro. It was also meant as a preview of Konami's highly popular "Silent Hills" series.

How to Run CD-ROM ISO Files (PC-Engine Emulator)

~1 minute read

  1. Download the emulator and bios. 2. Make a folder for the emulator. 3. Put the emulator files into the emulator folder. 4. Make a sub directory in the emulator folder called bios. 5. Unzip the bios file and put the bios file in the emulator's bios folder. 6. Make a roms folder in the emulator folder. 7. Put the roms and iso files in the roms folder. 8. Start the Turbo Engine emulator. 9. Go to "Misc" and "Configure Paths" to add a file path for the bios. 10. Go to CD-ROM BIOS, and click on "Browse" to add a file path to the bios file. 11. To run the CD-ROM. Go to "File" and click on "Load CD-ROM". 12. Find the file path to the roms directory, and search for the ISO file you added into the roms folder. 13. To run the emulator in full screen press the "Alt" and "Enter" key together, and to get out of full screen do the same again. Controls Arrow keys: To move A, and S: Action buttons D: Select button