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Why WordPress Sucks

3 minutes read

I started this blog using a custom made CMS, but after a few years, I moved to WordPress. I wanted to use WordPress and not any other software at the time, because WP has a lot of free plugins and themes.

Hack your WiiU by visiting an URL

~1 minute read

Its getting easier to hack your WiiU and the dudes over at make it a lot easier. All you need is to visit an URL and their code will do the rest.

Best torrent sites for 2016

4 minutes read

Torrent sites are changing, after the closing of many popular torrent -and not- sites and for sure, it will change again in the future, as you can't have a favorite site anymore, you don't know when it will go down. For now, let's see some of the best torrent sites for 2016.