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USB SNES Cartridge Reader with a Teensy++ 2.0

~1 minute read

A developer named Andrew Milkovich, created his own USB drive for Super Nintendo cartridges. His design allows the game to be played through a homemade system based on a cartridge port, which can make it possible to mount an original cartridge as a USB mass storage device, allowing you to play the game using any SNES emulator.

A new PSN Gamesharing Method for PS4 (v4.07) ?

~1 minute read

If you are looking for a method to play homebrew stuff on PS4, you may have already known the Brazilian PS4 GameSharing method. Today developer xmaxkatsu shared a glimpse at a hardware method he's using and seems to have found a way to bypass and have unlimited gamesharing for primary accounts on a PS4 v4.07. It should work on lower firmwares too.

Put Line In and Out connectors on your car radio

2 minutes read

If you have the factory stereo in your car and you want to put an amplifier, then you will find difficult, as the most car stereos don't have the connectors. However, you can put those connectors back and even at no extra cost.

Build a cheap hi-end amp

4 minutes read

Let's see how we can made a cheap amplifier.This amp cost less than $100 in parts, but it sold for $3300 with its small power supply.

Build your own Xbox 360 DVD Drive Adapter

~1 minute read

Here is a diagram for an Xbox 360 DVD Drive adapter. This is potentially similar to what Team Xecuter are making, but this one is all open source. (Thanks to Devo-E for making the adapter look very easy to build!).