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Buying PC For The Cores

7 minutes read

In recent years and as technology progresses, the variety of computer hardware is growing more each year. Many are these where their computer selection criteria is based on excesses and they buy materials that they do not need.

Knight Rider Returns

5 minutes read

Those who lived in the 1980s, will never forget the "Knight Rider". With his characteristic style, plaid shirts and tight jeans, David Hesselhoff became the sex symbol of the era, while the show's intro was written indelibly in their memory and of course KITT, the car that remained in history and became the ardent desire of every male on the planet.

Why WordPress Sucks

3 minutes read

I started this blog using a custom made CMS, but after a few years, I moved to WordPress. I wanted to use WordPress and not any other software at the time, because WP has a lot of free plugins and themes.

TV Cancellations/Renewals for 2017-18

44 minutes read

May is ending and the most of the series for this year's television season are ending too. Of course, the question that most people have, is if his beloved series goes on, or if they decided that it's time to throw it into the waste bin and go to the next new one who will be looking to find her fans to endure her for a few years.

Why I Am A Retro Gamer

14 minutes read

Nowadays, with Full HD graphics, new generation consoles and 4K graphics getting our minds, we could definitely say that playing with old school games is a waste of time at least, since the new games offer both good graphics and fun. But how fun the new games are?

Play Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta

~1 minute read

You can now start playing the Halo Wars 2 Blitz beta on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC from Jan. 20 – Jan. 30!

Hello, Switch

6 minutes read

Nintendo's Switch presentation revealed many secrets for the console, like price, games and more.

Best torrent sites for 2016

4 minutes read

Torrent sites are changing, after the closing of many popular torrent -and not- sites and for sure, it will change again in the future, as you can't have a favorite site anymore, you don't know when it will go down. For now, let's see some of the best torrent sites for 2016.