RapidShare no limit hack

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As you know, many links are available in sites who offers free file host, like RapidShare and Megaupload. You can download the files you want from these sites free and with very fast download speeds, but they want you to pay, to let you have unlimited access, otherwise you must wait some time for every file. In this tutorial you can see an easy way to bypass this limit.

Needed -This file. Contains everything you need in latest versions.

You need this registered and not trial. Search google for “ABBYY FineReader Professional v8.0.706” (with quotes) if you need to try it before you buy.

  • Jitbit Macro Recorder (Optional. Read below. Need to be registered, because has limits to record time.)

Installation and configuration Install ABBYY FineReader in default directory (C:Program FilesABBYY FineReader 8.0 Professional Edition). Download and extract the file (from above link) anywhere.  Copy the folder with name “USDownloader” into your C:/ folder. Now copy the two dlls’ from the OpenSSL folder ( libeay32.dll & ssleay32.dll) in your system32 folder. The file you downloaded doesn’t require any modification from you. I have already done everything with suggested and correct values.

Open Fine Reader and go to: Tools -> Options -> General -> Load Options, and load C:USDownloaderRapid(SK)18.3.fbt.

Close the box. Go to: Tools ->Language Editor, click User-defined Languages and a new language called "Rapid(sk)" should be there. Highlight "Rapid(sk)", click Edit and note that a pattern will only be designated one of these characters "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ". Close both boxes.

Go to: Tools -> Pattern Editor, the pattern SKsRapid(18.3-) should be set to (active). Click Edit and you will see the patterns which will be used during OCR and the number/letter that will be assigned to that pattern underneath. Close this box.

Go to Tools -> Options -> 2. Read, ensure the Recognition language is "Rapid(sk)" and set "Train user pattern".

Close Fine Reader. It is suggested to make a backup from 18.3.fbt in case things go wrong. I have already tested the letters from rapidshare, so you don’t need any Fine Reader Pattern Training. But if you want to try your Pattern Training in Fine Reader, check at the end.

Change IP (Dynamic) Modem or Router We have to config the way, your router changes the IP. We need to reset the router, so we obtain a new IP (for users with Dynamic IP).In file discrec.bat, we need to change the way we reset the modem/router. I suggest you to run the discrec.bat before do anything and check if your IP changed here. If changed, you don’t need to do anything. Continue to the How to. If not, read below. If you have a dialup connection, open Reconnect.exe, select dialup and put the required info. Select Save and reconnect.  Now edit the disrec.bat and replace this: sleep.exe 10 ipconfig /all ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew sleep.exe 10

with this: sleep.exe 10 Reconnect.exe

If you have a router, the best way is to make a macro record. Download the Jitbit Macro Recorder and install it. Open it and select Start Recording. Now make the moves with your mouse: -Open a new browser window. -Type the router’s IP (f.e. and type the username and password. -Go to tools and select Reset.Wait until finish the rebooting process. -Stop the recording (from the small window up left).

  • Now in Jitbit Macro Recorder go to file and select compile to exe. -Save the exe file into the USDownloader folder. Save it as reset.exe -Edit the disrec.bat and replace this: sleep.exe 10 ipconfig /all ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew sleep.exe 10

with this: sleep.exe 10 reset.exe sleep.exe 10

Change IP (Static) If you have Static IP, edit and add this in discrec.bat: :again For /F %%i in ('printip') Do @Set IP=%%i start/wait rasdial "YOUR CONNECTIONS NAME" /disconnect for /F %%j in ('printip') Do @set IPNEW=%%j if %IP% == %IPNEW% GOTO AGAIN


:again For /F %%i in ('printip') Do @Set IP=%%i rasdial "connection name" /DISCONNECT rasdial "connection name" username password for /F %%j in ('printip') Do @set IPNEW=%%j if %IP% == %IPNEW% GOTO AGAIN

How to You are done with any configuration. Now run the USD. Copy and paste any links you have. Let it to download the files without any limit.

Try your Pattern Training in Fine Reader Open Fine Reader, ensure "Rapid(sk)" is in the language box at the top, go to File -> Open PDF/Image, browse to C:USDownloaderBMP_RS and open any .bmp file.

You should now have 4 patterns. Click the button 2.Read. If a Pattern Training box should appear, means that Fine Reader can’t recognize the character. Put the character into box and press learn. If the Pattern Training box does NOT appear then Fine Reader can recognize the character, so open the rest images to ensure that all the characters recognized.

When you have finished training and you have make changes, you MUST SAVE your results. Go to: Tools -> Options -> General, click on Save Options and in the Save Options As box click on Rapid(SK)18.3.fbt then click Save and overwrite existing file. Go to Tools -> Options -> 2. Read and set "Use user pattern". Close Fine Reader.