Play Battlefield 2142 online

~1 minute Read

Razor released the Battlefield 2142 by disabling online play all together because they couldn’t figure out how to properly crack it without that. Anyways, at the moment until a proper release comes out you can play online with this method.

Needed: -The Razor's release. -The Demo

How to: Install the full game as normal using the Razor release. Then download the demo exe and save it in your full game install folder (so in addition to copying the 1911 crack just copy the demo exe). Then, run the demo exe! Login as normal, just like you would for the demo, but in addition to the normal demo servers in the game server list, you should see a few extras. For instance:“#Battlefield2142 EFNET!”

Note that this server won’t be running Sidi Power Plant. If you’re having problems finding the server just sort by map and it’ll show up at the top of the list.

Weapons are still locked, but this server is running the full game (all maps, etc.). MAPS: verdun tunis_harbor suez_canal sidi_power_plant shuhia_taiba minsk fall_of_berlin cerbere_landing camp_gibraltar belgrade

Some Servers: - -