How To Reactivate Norton Internet Security 2006

~1 minute Read

If you want to Reactivate Norton Internet Security 2006 here is the method;

1- Install NIS and restart your computer... 2- Disable the internet connection (disconnect from Internet...) 3- Do the 00000....00999 stuff, 4- Wait for LiveUpdate until it needs restart, do it... 5- When it says Activation is Expired, restart in safe mode 6- Find ISSTE.dll file in your install path ( Ex. C:ProgramFilesNorton Internet SecurityISSTE.DLL ) and rename -like ISSTT.dll_ - or delete it. 7- Copy ISSTE.dll file from your Install CD where you already renamed the file (This file is located under CDROM DRIVE: WINNTSETUPSETUPAPPISSTE.DLL) 8- Change the attribute to Archieve, Read Only and Hidden (Right click on the file that you've already copied and click the Attributes boxs' that I've mentioned)

9- Restart the computer again 10- When it says Fix the Issue, click to fix it 11- Do the same process that you've done very first time (Enter the install serial number, and than 0000000......00999 for the phone activation code) and go to the end... 12- Enable your internet connection (Connect to the Internet) 13- LiveUpdate is searching (and install) for updates....