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Bludit To Wordpress Converter

~1 minute read

If you have installed Bludit as your main blog system and now you want to move to WordPress, here is a converter for you.

Car PC with the Raspberry Pi [WIP, Idea]

2 minutes read

In a conversation that we had with some friends, we thought that it would be nice to have a CarPC in the car containing songs, GPS, radio, etc.

Geotech Baracuda Gold Detector [Idea]

~1 minute read

I'm interested to make a new gold detector and I'm in between two models, one being the Geotech Baracuda Gold Detector, a video from the construction you can see below (it's not mine).

DIY eBike [WIP]

~1 minute read

I'm working on a conversion of an BMX bicycle into an electronic bike. It has not been completed yet, since I am trying different battery settings and other solutions.