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AMPPS MySQL is Not Running Solution

2 minutes read

If you have installed AMPPS, you may see that when starting it, Apache and PHP start but MySQL is not starting. Here are a few solutions to try.

How to Get Windows Movie Maker 2012 on Windows 10

~1 minute read

For me, Windows Movie Maker is the best software to create and edit videos for sharing them on the social networks. And is the best because is very simple and easy to use and of course, it's free. But recently you may discovered that Windows Movie Maker is nowhere to be found, the official MS links are down and the program suite known as "Windows Essentials" web edition doesn't work anymore. Here is how to install Windows Movie Maker 2012 on Windows 10.

Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard working fixes

4 minutes read

It seems that many people with AMD CPUs having problems with Resident evil 7 -Biohazard. The most annoying crashes are the Basement Scene, the "Connecting to the network" and the menu crash. Here are some fixes.

Use your PlayStation Eye on PC

2 minutes read

Probably you remember the "PlayStation Eye", the camera released by Sony for the PS3 with motion controls, as the Wii competitor and I am sure that those who have this "Eye", it is somewhere collecting dust (like mine) . Now you can connect to your PC and use it for whatever you want, even to make vlogs for Youtube.