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How to double PS4 controller battery life

~1 minute read

PS4 controller is one of my favorite controllers, like any other PS controller out there. But DualShock 4 has a short battery life, and some of you may find annoying this thing. Here is a trick on how to fix battery life problems of DS4.

Watch TV Shows And Movies Online From Your PS4

4 minutes read

PS4 supports many streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon etc, but only for America. Let's see how we can make our PS4 be able to stream-up from these services from everywhere.

CFW for the new 3DS

~1 minute read

A CFW for the new 3DS released recently, the NTR CFW 2.0. For now, it runs only on JAP models and can't load pirated cartridges, but this will change in future releases.

How To Soft-Mod Your Xbox (Easy Way)

2 minutes read

This guide will show you how to soft-modding your box, installing a new HDD and FTPing movies and games to your xbox hdd. I will go with the 007 hack with this one.