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Reset/Shutdown Switch for Raspberry Pi

2 minutes read

One problem (for me) with the Raspberry Pi, is that it doesn't have any Power/Reset buttons, making the shutdown or reset boring, because you have to write the reset command, select to reboot from inside the OS (or remove the power cord) in order to reset it or choose "shutdown", to shut it down. Here is a simple tutorial, to add these buttons easily.

Gold Detector with Arduino

3 minutes read

I already posted an article about a DIY gold detector, but this time you can test a much simpler DIY gold detector with an Arduino

Raspberry Pi 2, Orange Pi Plus, Odroid C1 Or Banana Pro?

9 minutes read

With the announcement of the newer Raspberry Pi 2 model, which can run special versions of Windows 10 and Ubuntu, I thought of taking such a "machine", which I will have for downloading and surfing, because its low consumption and low noise would allow me to have it -almost- permanently running. But while searching, I saw that there are and a few other solutions.

Super Mario 64 comes on... PC

~1 minute read

Super Mario 64 is one of the best 3D platforms ever created and surely most of you know it. It was an innovative video game of its time, which set the foundations for the 3D platform.

How To Power on a relay with time delay

4 minutes read

I was looking for a system to power on a relay with time delay and this delay must be controlled by a potentiometer, because each time i wanted different value.

Diy USB Power Injector

2 minutes read

There are some cases, where you have a USB device which requires more power than regular devices, like for example some USB Miners where the required power is at least 2A.