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How to Install Windows 10 on a Raspberry PI 3

10 minutes read

Until now, Raspberry PI users could only run a special developer's version of Windows 10 (IoT). But with the effort of many programmers and users, you can now run a full desktop version of Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi 3.

How to Remove Yellow Stains From White Plastic

2 minutes read

If you have an old device, you will have noticed that over time, white plastic starts to turn yellow, something that does not look nice for your -retro- device. There are many ways to remove the yellowish from the plastics, but most require a kind of chemistry to make or use bleach-type cleaners. See how it can be done much easier and faster in that way.

How to disable Firefox tab reloading (Android)

2 minutes read

In Firefox (Android), when you have a tab already opened and you switch to another, when you return to the previous one you will see that Firefox reloads the tab again, which is the case on every tab. See how you can easily disable this feature.

How to connect your ps4 controller to your android mobile

2 minutes read

PS4 has one of the best gaming controllers. You can connect it to a PC or a PS3 and play your games with this. But also, you can connect it to an Android device and use it as a gaming controller, without anything else needed.

Diy parallettes

2 minutes read

Parallettes are very well known tool for body weight workouts. Can help you accelerate your strength and skills. You can use them for push ups, dips, shoot throughs, tucks and other gymnastic moves.