Boot homebrew software on your Nintendo Wii without modchip

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Using Action Replay disc, SD Card Adapater and a SD Card you can boot homebrew software like emulators and games on your Nintendo Wii without the need to open up the console and install a modchip.

You need -Action Replay -SD Card Adapter (Official or SD Gekko) -Compatible SD Card -SDLoad (Attached) -A card Reader

Howto First you will want to prepare the SD Card to be able to boot from your Action Replay disc. So insert it into your computer's SD Card reader and then format it as FAT16. To do this right click on the drive letter assigned to the card and pick format. Select FAT (not FAT32) as FAT under Windows is FAT16.

Unrar the attached file to a folder on your computer and then use the Command Line Interface to go to that directory. Next go to Start -> Run and type cmd. Using the cd.. and cd commands, go to folder you extracted the file. Type "sdpatch.exe (drive letter)" ex. sdpatch.exe d:

Now you need to copy the "sdloader.bin" file from the directory you extracted the file in the root of theSD Card. After this you can fill the card with various homebrew games, applications and emulators.

After preparing your SD Card insert it into your SD Card reader and plug into memory card slot A. Next pop in your Action Replay Card into slot B and the Action Replay disc into the Wii.

When the Action Replay boots up pick the USA flag and then ADD NEW GAME. SDLoad is the game name and push done. Then enter (m) as the code name. Enter the following code: 7YPR-RKZZ-MH6W5 D26A-PE4J-1XX2W ZJHY-B1ZH-6P00G

Then select ADD NEW CODE and name it SDLoad and enter the following code. AF4H-JPF5-H1B5J MVAB-7TQE-ABZPB V2CK-QQ1A-Y6P72 M5N6-CMMH-9EURT 0JFM-3A6C-VZ6VK KYV8-0JGV-0GR1N 2EGU-HVKF-NDMCN 7AH0-J9JZ-HHGNJ 4MHU-G8XT-ZRYCJ 9474-KF41-8KG34 QMEV-G90N-A8RV0 KD4G-5QHV-74D46 V97K-652Q-Y4TEY 6M4W-9GPT-E99NG QPFY-DJAF-E01FV 2Z6E-P2WY-24WV4 6NHW-G3NH-HP31Y A2KF-MCKN-D645J K5V8-EF9W-7GFQC XTU3-269T-VH5NE H9GP-C4PP-6FGF9 HF77-R45C-ZXPDV 22Y3-D98C-50AJM WTWZ-EC88-U5ZTV 36G1-UGDG-J2G84 DUMT-15KR-DXJ8K JV55-6VF5-2Z02T D4R8-MVJ5-QGR21 1G3C-APD7-1CUVD

Now select the code named SDLoad and check the box next to it, press Start and open and close the lid of disc drive when prompted. Then SDLoad starts up and you can now select which homebrew game you wish to boot.