bbPress Topics to WP Posts Converter

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I am working on a plugin for WordPress (WIP), to automatically (or manually) convert the bbPress topics to blog posts.

You can map the bbPress' forums with the WP categories and select either to convert everything or to select which topic to convert. It converts the topics to posts, in the category you want and of course, the replies. Also, it adds a "" tag (if there is not one already) in posts with more than one paragraph.

Keep in mind that this is best for people who wants to delete their bbPress, while keeping the blog, or to convert the most of their topics. After conversion, it deletes everything related to the converted topic. If you want something different, take a look on this plugin.

This is a WIP and i will upload it to github asap. Tested with WP v4.7.3 and bbPress v2.6-alpha.

And some screenshots.

The settings

Forums to Categories Mapping

Manual Selection for Topics to convert

The converted topics

The Replies